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Renis is a lifestyle choice, a conscious escape from metropolitan life that imposes rhythms and takes away spaces from those who love to live in daily contact with nature.

Experiencing the alternation of the seasons day after day, perceiving their beauty, feeling physical fatigue but mental well-being is what we wanted when we arrived here in Prata, a magical place to think freely and seek beauty. Making wine can be a game, but if it becomes a lifestyle choice and a job, it requires commitment and effort, but above all passion because the final product is the portrait of those who put their heart and hands into it.

"We changed our lives to offer a different point of view, but above all roots to our children and today the company is our life" says Roberta.

The story begins in 2012 with 3000 bottles; The good results prompted us to plant more vineyards. Sometimes the sincere words of those who get excited while drinking our wine are enough.

Renis is a wine that tells the magic of this place. It changes from year to year and does not seek the recognition required by marketing strategies.

This is a place for dreamers who don't know the rush. 

What is Suvereto for us? "The territory that doesn't exist, silent and not very man-made. Seen from here, it's a living nativity scene." Where to discover and feel the soul of the place? "Lie on this field looking at the sky, feeling the warmth and breath of the earth. And then walk or cycle on the road between Sassetta and Suvereto, or along the road that hides in the woods going towards Montioni". To be part of our company there are 3 red wines and a rosé: Renis, Vic, Roberta, Il Rosato.

Bottle of red wine Cabernet Franc Roberta, azeinda Renis
bunch of grapes
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